By-Laws, Policy & Procedure Committee

The By-Laws Committee reviews the existing By-Laws and Policy & Procedure Manual on an annual basis to determine if changes are necessary. If revisions to the By-Laws are recommended, the proposed amendments are submitted to the Board of Directors for their approval.

  • The By-Laws Committee includes at least three (3) members.
  • The By-Laws Committee is chaired by a Director-at-Large.
  • The Committee communicates with the Board of Directors regarding any recommended changes.
  • The Committee communicates with the voting membership, if there are Board approved proposed changes to the By-Laws. This may be done through the newsletter, webinars, and/or general announcements
  • The Policy & Procedure manual is reviewed and updated as necessary including after By-Laws updates and after the Annual Meeting to ensure the Policy & Procedure manual is in compliance with the approved By-Laws and current policies of the Association.

To join a committee, please contact [email protected]